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Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Pastor’s Family

I can’t communicate to anyone my gratefulness for my Pastors without saying how grateful I am for their families.

It’s a hard job being a member of a preacher’s family. You are watched more, criticized more, expect to perform more – better and without complaining than anyone else in the church. When you pray for your Pastor, please remember to pray for their families, also.

765. I am grateful for Robyn. For her steadfastness in being the helpmate of Brad. I am thankful for her friendship. I am thankful for her parenting her daughters and her grandchildren.

766. I am grateful for Rebecca. She always makes me smile! She is always such an encouragement. I’m thankful for the children she and Bob have raised and are raising! She is a pillar in her home. And David is a joy!

767. I am grateful for Kerri. She always challenges my thinking process. I am from a completely different generation from her and I appreciate that I learn from her! And for Henry! Such a joy!

768. This one deserve her own blog!! Audra, she is an entity within herself. Even though I know I’ve put her on my list many times – I just cannot say in words or actions how thankful I am to have her in my life. God is good. And when He brought me back to Wichita He knew who I would need!!

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