"You are where you are for such a time as this -- not to make an impression -- but to make a difference." AnnVoskamp

Monday, October 14, 2013

3 Gifts Said

537. My Grandgirl saying "I don't do nothing, Daddy." She always brings a smile to my face.

538. "I think the reason I have so much common sense is because I live with old people." A.  :)

539. Reading to each other. - Precious.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

3 Gifts Read

534. Last week I blogged about some books I read as a young girl. You can read that blog H.E.R.E.  When I wrote the blog, I pulled out the books I was going to write about to take their pictures. As I was looking through this one:

to find the name of the main character - I got "involved" in the story and wound up reading the book again. Not only was it a gift to get reacquainted with the characters, it also brought back many memories.

535. We are reading and studying "The Story" in our Life Group. This whole study has been a blessing for me. 

536. I enjoy reading the blogs. I have several favorites and read them each time they write a new post. Some of my favorite are:

Mennonite Girls Can Cook

Prairie Songs by Debra Blakley  

Debra is a Book Club friend from Oklahoma and I love keeping up with her on her blog - and the added benefit is that she is a terrific writer.

I have become a member of Kansas Women Bloggers and of Faithful Bloggers
In joining these sites I have found some new friends! I have found some more great blogs. 

Delta Moxie

Girl Returns Home

Scissortail SILK


I continue to watch for great blogs and these writers are an encouragement to me. I really count each of them a gift!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 Gifts Hard Eucharisteo

531. I am so very thankful for small health problems. Because of these small things, I have taken the time to re-access my habits. The way I eat, the way I move. I am now in my 60th year taking better care of myself.

532. It is hard for me to be too busy. I am a home body and don't like to be going, going, going. But in the past few weeks I have been way more busy than I like. But I'm busy with the youth group at church and our small group. What a blessing being "too busy" has been for me.

533. Wichita is number one on the list for horrible allergies. I have suffered greatly in the last few days - but in doing so, I've slowed down from the busy-ness. (see above) So it has been a blessing to me.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

3 Gifts Praised For

528. I praise God for a husband that doesn't let retirement become a boring time for him. He stays busy and happy. 

529. I praise God for birthday celebrations!





And I praise Him for an anniversary celebration:


530. I praise God for my life and the wonderful opportunity of living for Him.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 Gifts of Story

525. As I've grown older, I appreciate the gift of story from my Mom. She is a gift. A living miracle and I am thankful for her story. If you haven't read my Mom's story you can read it H.E.R.E.  and H.E.R.E.

526. I'm an avid reader, my Dad calls books "story books." I'm very thankful for "story books" because reading is one of my true passions.

527. We are doing a study in our Life Group called "The Story." It covers the complete Bible in chronological order. I have loved our study, our discussions and our prayer times.

3 Gifts Found in Light

522. "Weeping lasts for the night but joy comes in the morning." Each day the light comes and a new day gives us new opportunities. 

523. Because of the light in the summer we can have wonderful vegetables and beautiful flowers.

524. I've gone without electric power before. I've read by a lantern. But yet I can not imagine a life without this wonderful luxury. Flip a switch - have light. What a miracle it is. One that we take for granted.